1.All Organizations must have a represintative available for all VAUYFC meetings.


2. All Organizations must show proof of insurance for all their teams to VAUYFC to have on file.


3. All Organizations must check backgrounds on all coaches and members.


4. All Organization Should have a team count by May 31, 2017 for scheduling preparation


5. Regular Season will start on the last week in AUGUST and will end after all teams have played 8 games.

    League Jamboree will be played a time TBA Before Regular Season.


6. No Organization can add a team member after September  15


7. All Organization must present a field permit to VAUYFC by May 31 


8. All Coaches must become a member of USA football certified


9. All coaches must attend the annual VAUYFC coaches meeting


10. All teams must have 14 players to be considered a team locally. 16 players to travel national

11. All Teams must have DMV IDs no exceptions football & Cheer


11. 45 minutes before game there will be a face-off to show picture ID and league certified stamp in books.

12. VAUYFC Leauge responsible for the Referee cost (for associations that are fully registered) .


13. All teams  must have 14 players to start a game.


14. All Organizations are responsible for field setups for their home games.


15. All Organizations having home games must have their field setup at least an hour before game time


16. All Organization must assign and report all Field Marshalls to VAUYFC for home games.


17. All Organization with a problem with a game, team, or organizations please contact your league                                commissioner.


18. All Organizations must have coaches in proper coaching attire on game day.

19. All Teams are responsible for post season fees including referee fees. 


20. All teams who make it to the post season must have a minimum of 16 players to compete in local

      championship and Nationals if not the next team with the best record in the division will replace them.


21. Any Association that quits a league scheduled game will be Fined $500.00.




22. Any team that forfeits due to circumstances reviewed and approved by the board will have to cover the         Referee fees for the game.

VAUYFC 6 Unlimited Rules


1. 100 yard playing field.


2. No kickoffs ball is placed on YOUR 35 yard line.


3. Punts will have a 25-yard walk off out side the 45 yard line.


4. (If you punt inside the 40 the ball will be place on the 20-yard line.)


5. No fumbles behind the line of scrimmage. 4.A) Fumbles Over the line of scrimmage is a live Ball. Only interception or a strip as long as the ball does not touch the ground the ball can be advanced.


6. Have the option to punt or advance the football 35 yards.


7. Two coaches on the field.


8. No lining up over center or in the A gaps.


9. Only 6 players in the “box” on defense [No Blitzing]


10. Running clock (10-minutes) QTRs


11. Only one OVERTIME. Game can end in a Tie. (Reg. Season)


12. Playoff or championship games cannot end in a Tie they must be finished.


13. Touch back in the end zone the ball will be place at the 35-yard line.


14. Coaches that are on the field must be 10 yards away from the last player on the field when the ball is hiked if not this can result into a five-yard penalty.

8 Unlimited Rules


1. 100-yard playing field.


2. Kickoffs every game.


3. Fumbles are live football.


4. You have the option to punt or punt advance the football 25 yards. If you punt advance punt inside the 40 the       ball will be placed on the 20-yard line.


5. No coaches on the field per team.


6. You can have a Nose guard over the center but he must be 1 yard back off the line of scrimmage.


7. You can blitz from the linebacker position, not from the line of scrimmage.


8. Running clock (10-minutes) 4-Qtrs.


9. Only one OVERTIME per Game. The game can end in a Tie. (Reg. Season) Playoff or championship games

     cannot end in a Tie they must be finished.


10. Touch back in the end zone the ball will be placed at the 35-yard line.


11. Coaches on the field must be 10 yards away from the last player when the ball is hiked or this is a 5-yard               penalty.